Species evolve. Humans evolve. Civilization evolves. We are in the midst of a process. We are not at an endpoint. Civilization is still a new concept, and has been evolving and developing continually. Tribalism evolved into feudalism. Feudalism evolved into capitalism. Capitalism, socialism, and communism continue to compete as if one will prevail for eternity. The reality is that something else will replace our current systems. But when? The Information Age, climate change, a population surpassing the planet’s resources, and a globalization of community are all influences that will redefine society. There’s no way to know what the change will look like, when it will happen, or what will precipitate it. Will it be evolution, revolution, or something completely different? Singularity?

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“The End Of Capitalism Has Begun” – The Guardian

2 thoughts on “Civilization Evolves

  1. I dispute the notion of ‘evolution’ of society in any directional sense. Societies change, without doubt or question, but I think it’s stretching things to assign a biological model to it.


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