At its highest last year, student employment reached over 31%. That’s lower than the lowest rate for any month in 2004, and 2004 was a decrease from previous years. In 1974, student employment was as low as 42% and as high as 56%. Programs, policies, ideologies, and attitudes from forty years ago no longer address current reality. Forty years ago, a student could make enough in the summer to maybe afford an inexpensive college education. Now, costs are higher, jobs are fewer, wages haven’t kept pace with inflation, and a college education is more necessary. No solution suggested, but there’s the data.

(Click on the graph for the link.)

“The Fading Of The Summertime Job” – Pew Research

4 thoughts on “Summertime Jobs Disappear

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  2. Yes! I’ve been arguing this for ages. It is the same in the UK. People from generations before expect us to keep the same norms and values as them and they are no longer attainable.

    The ‘Cereal packet’ families are very harder to aspire to now. We have to change the way we think going forward.

    Keep up the good work on your blog! We will closely follow your posts now :).


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