Most know that the era of ‘work until you’re 65, then retire comfortably’ is gone, and may have only existed for a few and in financial services ads. There are many people who have pensions (20%), savings (71%), and financial plans like 401ks (~50%). That also means that 80% don’t have pensions, 29% don’t have savings, and about 50% don’t have things like 401ks. Social Security can help, but is far from comfortable and closer to being a chance at subsistence. Only 17% plan to actually retire, with 83% planning to continue working from necessity or by choice. Such a plan works, as long as age and work and luck don’t impact health. Even if it does work, the other consequence is felt by the younger workers who are less likely to be promoted and get raises because the positions aren’t open. A problem without a solution.

click on the photo for the link “New Study Reminds Us That Americans Are Woefully Unprepared For Retirement” – The Guardian

3 thoughts on “Retiring In America

  1. This won’t work for people! It’s a depressing thought, but nobody is going to hire someone in their 60’s and beyond! I know this because I can’t get a job at 42! It shouldn’t be hard for someone with a degree and 20 years experience working in finance to get a job! What’s going to happen when I’m 50? People keep saying there are jobs. Where McDonalds? On a side note, I lost my job because the company went bankrupt thanks to our economy. Sorry for the rant, but this just doesn’t make any sense! This is why I’m starting my own business!


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