Many projections of global warming worry about developing nations creating a lot more pollution as their citizens begin living ‘Middle-Class American’ lifestyles, with ‘Middle-Class American’ pollution. Developing countries are smart enough to not make that mistake. Countries that are just at the point of increasing electrical generation are faced with a different set of choices than America did when it developed, and developed its habits. Given the choice between fossil fuels and renewable energy, developing countries are choosing renewable wind and solar because the price difference has dropped dramatically, the power is easier to generate close to where it will be used, there are fewer foreign entanglements, the recurring costs are lower, and there are lower health care and remediation costs. The question shouldn’t be, “Why wouldn’t they use renewables?”. The question should be, “Why does any country use anything except renewables?” Old habits die hard.

Click on the photo for the link.

“Clean Energy Seen As Opening For Developing Countries” – Climate Central

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