The majority of tax income in the US comes from the rich. They are not, however, being overtaxed. In societies with such great income inequality, economists suggest a graduated tax system – the more you make, the more you pay by percentage; especially for those making far more than what is needed for the basics. The US did have such a tax system decades ago, but the experiment in trickle down economics leveled the rate. Now, deficits are more common, inequality is greater, power has shifted. Whether the tax system can be reformed will take great debate, because people are reluctant to change. Even though people know there are inequities, the perception typically underestimates the severity of the reality. Really, things for the 1% of the 1% of the 1% have become unimaginable.

“New Data Offer Infuriating Glimpse Of How The Richest 0.001% Pay Their Income Taxes” – Think Progress

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