Americans own a lot of stuff. We know that. The numbers, however, can be incredible. Start with the average number of things in an American home: 300,000. That’s a lot of pens and pins. Americans have so much stuff that a quarter can’t put their cars in their garages, and there are five times as many storage units as there are Starbucks. The data continues (see the article for more), but the implications extend beyond clutter. As people are downsizing, they are trying to get rid of many of the items they realize they don’t want or need. One generation’s heirlooms can be the next generation’s burden. All that stuff is likely to land in land fills or more storage units, especially if house sizes shrink. If the stuff is reused, great, but the economy won’t be pleased. If the stuff is thrown out, the land gets used up. If the stuff is recycled, great, but a lot of old stuff contains materials that negate the possibility. It is a dilemma.

“21 Surprising Statistics That Reveal How Much Stuff We Really Own” – Becoming Minimalist

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