Data arrives. America’s financial institutions have an increasing population of people committing illegal acts. They don’t use the word criminal, but the label should apply.

the 23 percent figure is nearly double the 12% that reported as such in 2012. The figure jumps to 34% for those earning $500,000.

The more people earn, the more likely they are to have cheated, broken the law, on purpose.

Accidental illegalities happen, but the survey shows that the illegalities were intentional. Individual illegalities happen, and some institutions are complicit.

One in 10 respondents said they have signed or have been asked to sign agreements that “specifically prohibits reporting potential illegal or unethical activities directly to law enforcement.”

The culture that contributed to the previous financial crisis has learned a lesson: do more of the same.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 at 08.47.03

Nearly One-Quarter Of Wall Street Says They Have A Colleague Who Has Probably Done Something Illegal – Fusion

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