Being poor sounds like an easy thing to fix, if you’re rich. Just spend less money. There are flaws in that logic. The poor are usually already spending as little as they can; the evidence is that they can’t always afford food. The poor are frequently working as many hours as possible, so working harder can’t work because there aren’t more hours. To make up the difference the poor have to use up savings, which impacts their future, or go into debt, which happens at high rates and bad terms, which impacts their future. When the cost of subsistence living exceeds total income life suffers and shortens. The best avenues for escape are outside their control: higher wages, better jobs, more time for training, and better financing. The poor, like many small developing ventures, are undercapitalized.

“It’s Expensive To Be Poor” – CNN Money

One thought on “Being Poor Costs Too Much

  1. I agree. Not everyone is able to save. The cost of living is just to high for a lot of people and the stagnant wages don’t really help!


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