Pretending Not To Panic.

Panic attacks happen. It’s not a surprise considering the news, or at least the way it’s portrayed. There are apocalypse scenarios for finance, society, health, environment, and technology. There are also great and powerful trends emerging in those same fields:

  • an anachronistic financial system versus the sharing economy
  • injustice versus awareness
  • disease versus discoveries
  • climate change versus reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and reinvent
  • machines beyond our control versus capabilities we never imagined.

The truth will be a mix of all, unpredictable, yet attempts at prediction are vital to our attempts to do the right thing.

PNTP is a place where the various news items can mingle and you can comment. Our shared conversations can steer our mutual understanding. And, if nothing else, we can all share the fact that we are Pretending Not To Panic.


About Tom Trimbath

I’m just this guy, you know? But I live an eclectic life. Raised in a blue-collar family. Graduated with a Masters in Aerospace (and Ocean) Engineering. Spent 18 years helping research, develop, design, produce, and support commercial airplanes, rockets, and satellites for Boeing. Author of six non-fiction books, so far (travel, culture, nature, finance, self-growth). Nature photographer. Program Management consultant. And my passion is for people and their ideas, which is why I enjoy helping manifest people’s ideas. Want the details? Check out my bio on my oldest blog (the one based on the personal finance book, Dream. Invest. Live.) Doing what I can to enjoy my life on Whidbey Island.



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