Cleaner air can sound like a ‘nice-to-have’. EVs (Electric Vehicles) promise cleaner air, for many reasons” pollution is centralized and therefore easier to manage, less transportation of fuels across a distribute network, etc. Now, EVs have been around long enough and with great enough adoption that other systemic advantages have become apparent.

A study published earlier this month in the journal Science of the Total Environment found that in California, every 20 zero-emissions vehicles per 1,000 people in a given zip code led to a 3.2 percent drop in the rate of emergency room visits due to asthma.” – Vox

And that’s just from asthma. Polluted air, water, sound, and soil have health impacts. In a country like the US, healthcare costs are having personal and macro-economic impacts. EVs are not a panacea, but they are actually doing more to reduce pollution and evidently health care costs.

Good news for the areas that can afford and sustain them.

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