It isn’t a surprise to hear that electric vehicles are efficient. It’s part of their marketing. The article “Electric Vehicles Are Way, Way More Energy-Efficient Than Internal Combustion Vehicles” is well-written, comprehensive, yet concise. It is worth reading directly as it needs little summarization; but is mentioned here to: 1) highlight the whole-system (in)efficiencies in EV vs Gas, and 2) the fact that it is from Motor Trend, a conventional part of the automobile media industry for 72 years. Even they now recognize the fact that traditional gas cars are so inefficient that only only “16-25% of original energy goes to wheels.” Gas engines are that inefficient. EVs have inefficiencies, too; but with an EV “87-91% of original energy goes to wheels.” Add in the fact that gas vehicles also require a constant cost of delivering the gas to the vehicle and the (in)efficiency spread grows. EV efficiency was academic, but now that so many EVs are in use the truth becomes less debatable, even to convention and tradition.

One thought on “Mainstream Acknowledges EV Efficiency

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