People are relying on oil less. That’s one reason why there’s increasing interest in geothermal energy. Use the planet as a heat source and skip a lot of steps in heating homes. It works in Iceland where there’s a lot of volcanic activity, but even non-volcanic areas heat deep ground to 150F, more than enough for geothermal energy. OK. Drill down to it, right? Well, yes, but in many places the ground has already been drilled – for extracting oil and natural gas. So, use those same wells, and employ those same people who drill and operate those wells, and transition to low pollution energy sources without displacing as many jobs. It is an idea being tested, but we won’t know how feasible it will be until then. If successful, this could revitalize places that were worried about job losses and what to do with out-dated wells. Pardon the lack of data, but this is significant to take note of and watch.

Clean Energy Is Buried At The Bottom Of Abandoned Oil Wells” – Vox.com

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