Environmental damage is difficult to watch, but when it is visible it is easier to get others to look and possibly act. That’s more difficult on the ocean, and even more difficult in the ocean.

“The ocean’s middle depths (from about 200 to 1,000 meters deep), called mesopelagic zones, will be the first zones to lose significant amounts of oxygen due to climate change, the new study finds” – AGU

As the oceans warm their ability to retain oxygen decreases. Fish need oxygen to breathe. Less oxygen, fewer fish, and unfortunately, fewer fish in the very region where many commercial fisheries harvest many of the fish we eat.

The effect has been harder to spot because of its location. A study suggests that we may have “passed a critical threshold of oxygen loss in 2021.”

If so, “By 2080, around 70% of the world’s oceans could be suffocating from a lack of oxygen as a result of climate change,…”.

One thought on “Less Ocean Oxygen

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