What was academic has now been proven, an uncommon suite of impacts means inflation is up in many countries (39 of the 46 studied.) The pandemic has meant employment disruptions, supply chain disruptions, and disrupted lives (with at least 5,000,000 dead and possibly as high as 20,000,000 due to incomplete data reports.) Ironically, prior to the pandemic many governments were worried about low inflation dropping so low as to induce deflation, which is even worse. This isn’t good either, though the large increases are being measured from historically low baselines. Dozens of countries have over 10% inflation with 10 over 20% topped by Venezuela at over 1,500%. Within the G20 the US has rapidly become one of the highest rates at 6.2% topped by Argentina at 52%. A guideline for healthy inflation is about 2%. Because life is not normal, lately; it is more difficult to project the length of this rise, whether it will continue, or whether it will subside. Like with so much, we’ll have to wait and see, and cope and adapt.

Inflation Rate” – Trading Economics

2 thoughts on “Worldwide Inflation Rises

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