Trends are changing, sometimes with good news. Scientists, governments, businesses, and financers are trying to understand the trends in climate change. As the climate changes, the science models change, and the way we work and live change, too. A model from 2005 assumed growth in the economy would include growth in energy use of about 25%. Whether through technical efficiencies, greater awareness, or regulatory and subsidy changes, our energy usage has been remained flat relative to that 25% increase. Rather than climb, emissions are down 40%. Climate damages were expected to be $229B but were more like ‘only’ $110B.

The projected 38,000 annual premature deaths from pollution instead came in at 3,100.” – Ars Technica

It would be unrealistic to expect such a massive system to erase centuries of pollution and habits within a few years, but it is encouraging that at least we’re making some progress. No surprise that there’s a lot more change necessary to create a sustainable environment and civilization.

One thought on “Emissions Drop Since 2005

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