Was there really no news in November? Of course not. There was so much news that conventional and social media channels were overwhelmed. But, there was so little news that met the criteria for this site that there was nothing new to share that was also apolitical. That also means, there’s no “Data That Matters” compilation for November 2020.

From my oldest blog,

One of my other blogs is Pretending Not To Panic, news that is “for people who are eager and anxious about the future”, news that is significant, based on facts, data, logic, and ideally apolitical. Apolitical. Ha! Several years ago I fed that site a few posts a day. November 2020, zero; none so far this month. That observation helped prompt this study.

Which launched a simplistic analysis of the efficiency of Facebook versus Twitter versus LinkedIn. (Spending Time On Social Media) Head over there for some data on those trends.

The pandemic continues. Climate change continues. Social injustice continues. Financial and economic instabilities continue. Innovations continue. Each was politicized.

As societal turmoil subsides, facts, data, logic, and reason will hopefully be applied to topics again with the focus on solving problems and exploring opportunities and with less emphasis on who gets credit or blame.

Let’s see what December reveals.

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