The world is changing. Siberia was an icon for cold, snow, and ice. This year, Siberia hit 100F. Now, the formation of sea ice has hit a record low.

for the first time on record, the Laptev Sea’s seasonal ice pack has not started to freeze by late October,” – The Guardian

Sea ice is at a record low, forming late; and mirroring the early ice retreat last Spring. Siberia’s reputation is becoming an anachronism. Global warming has been warming arctic regions faster than the rest of the planet. As the surface, whether land or sea, loses ice and snow cover, the surface absorbs more heat. Absorbing more heat amplifies the cycle of heating, and reduces the amount of highly reflective snow and ice. Considering the plotted data, it is easy to see that the region may have undergone a systemic shift, not an odd occurrence, but instead a forty year progression that is redefining the arctic and an iconic region, Siberia.

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