For a while there, we demonstrated the ability to reduce greenhouse gases. Back in April, at the start of various shutdowns, greenhouse gas emissions dropped 17%; excellent evidence that humans are the cause – and potentially the cure. Sadly, the drop was temporary. Greenhouse gas emissions are rising again, “back to within 5% of 2019 levels”. We shouldn’t be surprised that climate change will continue, and possibly accelerate. The safe limit for atmospheric carbon dioxide was 350ppm, a level we exceeded in 1988. We are currently at over 414ppm (July 2020). The consequences described and discussed will continue, and are no longer academic. Forest fires, increased hurricane activity, collapsing ice shelves in Greenland are all examples of the changes that we may never reverse. New normals are being defined in many fields.

Despite lockdown, greenhouse gases have risen to record highs, UN says” – World Economic Forum

One thought on “Greenhouse Emissions Return

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