Hints of the new normal are arriving, and some of them are backed by data. #WorkFromHome, #ShopFromHome, #LearnFromHome all mean fewer automobile trips. From the start of the pandemic, car trips are down about 64%. That was temporary, but a study of the results suggests that 14 million fewer cars may be needed in the US. The decreased reliance on cars is happening at the same time there’s a surge in demand for bicycles. The evidence suggests that people are basing their life on their home, but are willing to replace car trips with bicycle trips, two things that are good for the environment and personal health.

Before the advent of lockdowns and shutdowns, just 3.4% of US workers were full-time home-workers. That shot up to 62% in early April.” – World Economic Forum

This will also affect the traditional car industry, in general. As for the impact on electric vehicles, will electric bicycles replace the demand for some electric cars? Interesting times ahead, and further suggestions that we won’t be returning to the old normal.

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