Sadly, titling this post with only July 2020 could miss the fact that thousands are dying every day from Covid19. Since data collection began, over half a million people (534,000) have died. While some countries have “flattened the curve”, too many others haven’t. There were worries about a second wave, but it looks like delay, denial, and inaction are amplifying the first wave. In the US, over 124,000 have died. The projections are for over 175,000 deaths by October 1, 2020. That’s not the total expected deaths, only the total by October 1, 2020. Oddly, because the totals are still lower than those from the millions from the mis-named Spanish Flu, some are acting as if this is a minor inconvenience, not a pandemic. Fortunately, simple measures like masks and distancing are very effective. Unfortunately, too many people are following advice that can save them and others in their community. This story isn’t over. This is merely a sad update.

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