No data, this time, but there is something to consider about the future of the United States that has been inspired by the corona virus crisis.

The actions of three separate sets of states are demonstrating a lack of leadership from the United States government, and inspiring regional states to at least partially unite.

“The development has even raised fears – or hopes – that the federal government’s grip on America’s states will be loosened, perhaps threatening the union itself.” – The Guardian

There has been at least a perceived lack of a credible and effective response from the federal government, a lack of positive support which has been implicit in modern government. An active negative response at the same time, e.g. the federal government’s interference with state supply chains and resources, adds to the need to engage in actions independent of the federal government.

Three groups of states, loosely the west coast, northeast, and upper midwest are working within their groups to coordinate information, resources, and communications. Each of the three has different levels of formality. Each has different focuses based on demographics, economics, and logistics. Ironically, some southeastern states are also coordinating, though in their case it is to emphasize lesser rather than greater restrictions.

This blog tends towards news that is significant, based on data and logic, and attempts to be apolitical (though that’s subjective so there will always be some debate about that.) Any dissolution of the United States would be globally significant and trigger decades of news based on logic and data; hence, it is appropriate to at least document such an event.

(As this post was being typed, two more states joined the Western States Pact. Colorado and Nevada joined California, Oregon, and Washington. Western States (5 states) + Upper Midwest (7 states) + Northeast (7 states)  = 19 states fighting coronavirus as regional groups.)

The US states uniting to combat coronavirus amid leadership vacuum – The Guardian

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 11.33.46

Incomplete (missing one state) https://mapchart.net/usa.html

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