We’ve become accustomed to expecting each generation to live longer than the previous ones. That may not be true for millennials. Millennials are encountering several difficulties simultaneously: more difficult wage growth, lack of affordable housing, climate change anxiety, and more expensive health care. Those plus undoubtedly other difficulties affect many people, but the combination are more damaging to a generation that has lower incomes, weaker support networks, and less stable housing and careers. It is expected that;

“Without proper management or treatment, millennials could see a 40% uptick in mortality compared with Gen Xers of the same age, the report found.” – World Economic Forum

A compounding factor has been decreased mental health which subsequently decreases personal productivity, which decreases career potential. They are more likely to exhibit risky behaviours, or be affected by depression, or a reliance on legal and illegal medications. Overdoses are up 1,400% in 7 years. Health costs have increased nine-fold in the last six decades. Depression and similar disorders are up 30% in 3 years. For many, the Gig Economy has not provided the income growth and benefits other generations could take for granted. The situation is dire enough it has spawned the phrase “deaths of despair”. Without personal, governmental, and societal intervention the consequences are significant.

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