News about climate change has shifted from what’s possible to what’s happening – with insights into what’s coming. NOAA compiled a report, for the climate’s condition in 2018. We’re becoming numb to yet more record weather and climate stats. We’re also starting to see record economic impacts, refugee migrations, and a variety of very human impacts.

  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide hit a record of 407.4 ppm.
  • Upper ocean heat content hit a record high.
  • Sea level set a record at up 3.2 inches from 1993, and is rising at 1.2 inches per decade, an acceleration.
  • One Antarctic weather station set a new record high, beating the old record by 14F.
  • Korea and Japan set record highs of 41.1C and 41.0C (~106F).
  • Most of the other reported data that weren’t records were second, third, or fourth.

While we struggle to act, the world is reacting. The next El Nino and the continued loss of sea and glacial ice should amplify the effects. No near-term human interaction is expected to curtail those events.


Reporting On The State Of The Climate In 2018” – NOAA, National Centers for Environmental Informaton

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