Could it happen? Human population growth is projected to finally flatten. By 2100, population growth is expected to be effectively zero, reaching an asymptote of just under 11 billion (10.9B). Typically, as personal finances improve enough to create a middle class, families tend to have fewer children; partly from education, partly from better access to birth control, party from less of a need to create more laborers for a family’s subsistence farming. The decrease in fertility rates has already impacted places like Japan, the Americas, and Europe. Asia is expected to follow. Africa is the only place expected to grow. As demographics and populations shift, there will also be shifts in migration from heavily populated areas to areas that need younger workforces. Unfortunately, some estimates claim the planet can only sustain a population of about 2 billion, not 11; so while there may be a limit to growth, the consequences of over-population will remain.

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