Despite advances in renewable energy, most efficient appliances and vehicles, and saner lifestyles, carbon emissions grew 2% last year. Part of the reason is an unfortunate feedback system between energy use and climate change. As climate change produces greater swings in local weather, energy use increases to counter winter storms and summer heat waves. Climate change, which is partly created by pollution, induces more pollution which induces more climate change. Until we decrease carbon emissions, climate change will make our struggle more difficult.

3 thoughts on “Energy Emissions Rise

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    Where do you see evidence of saner lifestyles?



    • Saner lifestyles: individuals who drive less, drive electric, or don’t drive unless there’s not choice; individuals who eat sustainable foods, buy local, grow local; individuals who use less energy, sign up for renewable energy credits, or install solar, wind, or whatever for their house; minimalists, creatives, unconventional individuals who have embraced such a life to the extent that they may not recognize how they are examples for the millions that continue to live unsustainably. I’m impressed with the folks who live so naturally they aren’t aware they’re doing it. we just need hundreds of millions more of them, and those hundreds of millions won’t do it until they see someone else who can who also isn’t trying to sell them something.


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