There’s no reason to expect that this will be the last time we set this record; but here it is again. We’ve set a new record for atmospheric CO2: 413.52 ppm. Come back soon because the trend is continuing, and accelerating – evidence that we’re not doing enough of the right things to avert a climate, environment, ecology, and biological disaster that includes species extinctions (including us, or at least our civilization?).

In the last two decades, the rate of increase has been roughly 100 times faster than previous natural increases,…” according to NOAA.


“The last time CO2 levels were this high … sea levels 60 feet higher. ” – Grist

At a simplistic level, it may take as much time and effort to stop the rise as it did to create. Imagine actively instituting a program the size of the Industrial Revolution, but in reverse. To actually reverse the trend could take even more effort. In any case, such an effort would take decades. A lot will happen in that time. This isn’t an issue that will go away soon or readily.

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