Job growth recovery continues its climb that started in the depths of the Great Recession. The number of jobs available now, 7,136,000, is greater than the number of officially unemployed. Unemployment is at its lowest, 3.7%, since 1969. Despite the imbalance between supply and demand, wages have only gone up 2.9%. That’s an improvement, but below historical levels and not much above inflation. This may be the time when wages begin to increase as workers feel safer about shifting jobs and employers find fewer people applying. One moderating influence may be the number of people who aren’t considered employed or unemployed. While adding those two groups should reach 100%, it actually misses more than 20% of the US population, a supply that may meet demand without affecting prices.

2 thoughts on “More Jobs Than Applicants

  1. I guess the world would rather wallow in political ranting and crossfire than set out to solve real problems, like driving down into the heart of this paradox of appearances versus reality in job numbers.


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