It’s not exactly news, except that sometimes the news benefits from being put into perspective. The Stockholm Resilience Centre produced a Planetary Boundaries comparison of climate change and eight other global threats, as well as each’s sustainability boundary.

  • Climate Change
  • Novel Entities
  • Ozone Depletion
  • Atmospheric Aerosols
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Biogeochemical
  • Freshwater
  • Land-System
  • Biosphere

Climate change, which receives significant media coverage relative to the others, isn’t the greatest concern. It is far exceeded by the sub-categories of excess phosphorus, excess nitrogen, and insufficient genetic diversity. It is difficult for so many topics to get the attention they deserve. It is easier to understand, or at least be entertained by, political scandals than it is to understand soil depletion, even if they are existential threats. One more reason for Pretending Not To Panic.


Planetary Boundaries Research” – Stockholm Resilience Centre

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