Quantum entanglement is one of physic’s mysteries. Information can travel instantaneously, faster than the speed of light. Hypothetically, that could mean instantaneous communications between any two points in the universe. That’s an astronomically bold claim, but the distances continue to increase. Researchers from China have demonstrated the transmission and receipt of thousands of entangled particles over more than a thousand miles. This could lead to a hyper-sped up satellite based internet that may also be more secure. Quantum entanglement is very fragile. Any attempt to intercept the signal could disrupt the communication. Private signals stay private. The error rate is still extremely high, only one photon is received for every six million sent, but that is how technologies are developed. Development of viable systems may happen as soon as the next five years. Organizations who require secrecy, like governments and corporations may find a blessing and a curse as they can easily speak freely but not be able to listen in to others.

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