Pretending Not To Panic is news for people who are eager and anxious about the future. There has been a surplus of anxious news lately, which can be disheartening.

Humor is powerful. In the midst of turmoil and upsets, it can be one of the most hopeful signs that people have not given up hope.

Trends that arise without central control represent pervasive common consciousness.

Recently, a series of humorous (to some) videos have spontaneously been produced that all address a simple theme. The fact that humor exists beneath the news, that it is multi-national, and that it is somewhat collaborative can be taken as a sign that people haven’t given up hope, that positive actions can come from unexpected sources, and that laughter can be as powerful as shouting.

(Click on the image for a link to a series of videos from several countries vying for second place in the new world order. They’re great. None better. This is big. Really big. Amazing.)


Who Wants To Be Second” – everysecondcounts

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