It’s simple. Not much to say. Many already expected it.

2016 was the warmest year on record for the planet.

“Global surface temperatures in 2016 averaged 14.8 degrees Celsius (58.64°F), or 1.3C (2.3F) higher than estimated before the Industrial Revolution ushered in wide use of fossil fuels, the EU body said.” – Scientific American

While various initiatives try to contain the temperature rise to 1.5C, or at worst 2.0C, 2016 saw an increase of 0.2C. The rise is bad, and is already being blamed as the cause of more coastal erosion, stronger storms, droughts, spread of disease, and wildfires. The acceleration is worse. Some outstanding data, such as the North Pole reached 50F above average in winter, may be signs that the runaway changes feared after a 2C rise may already be happening. It is probably prudent to plan for the accelerated change because change is not just coming, it’s here.

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World Shatters Heat Records In 2016” – Scientific American

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