If the news about health in America sounds contradictory, that’s because the news is mixed and some of the effects are counter-intuitive. Americans are living longer – but primarily among the wealthy. Even though we’re living longer, we’re less healthy. Obesity is up for all, though less for the wealthy. Stress, whether from health, finance, or whatever is up for everyone, even the wealthy. The wealthy have less stress than the poor; but their level of stress now is approaching the level of stress the poor experienced more than thirty years ago. As wealth inequality, the average age of the wealthy increases while the average age of the poor decreases. Young people subsequently are under greater stress than the previous generation was at the same age. The implications are that the wealthy are feeling more stressed, which may raise their anxiety about their wealth even as if accumulates; and that conventional wisdom that worked for previous generations isn’t working for today’s younger generations. Longer life is a benefit, but many people feel that hasn’t raised quality of life, even among those with increased wealth.

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Money Lightens The Load” – Brookings

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