Climate change has been difficult to predict because we’ve only been researching it for a few decades. It’s no surprise then that we are learning more. Unfortunately, what we’re learning isn’t good. The news has largely been based on conservative estimates, hoping to minimize disagreements in interpretations. Lately, it seems that the nominal estimates were under-predicting the change. Now, researchers are realizing they have to add in a new and major effect. A climates warm, soils warm; and as soils warm, the life within them grows creating more carbon dioxide than expected.

“The study found that 55bn tonnes in carbon, not previously accounted for by scientists, will be emitted into the atmosphere by 2050.” – The Independent

Researchers continue to debate the impact. Many accept the acceleration. Some believe it can be contained and mediated. Others now feel that we’ve reached the point of no return. In either case, it benefits us to continue to reduce our carbon emissions. The task has simply, and sadly, become more difficult.

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