“The CIA claims to be able to predict social unrest days before it happens thanks to powerful super computers dubbed Siren Servers by the father of Virtual Reality, Jaron Lanier.” – The Sociable

It has been suggested, and may now be true, that the right hardware, software, and data can detect trends within the general population. If that seems reasonable for Amazon and sales, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that it is reasonable for the CIA and social uprisings. The growth of social media is an enabler. Pull in enough data, apply the right logic, and be able to discern ideas that are accelerating sufficiently to initiate action. The benefit is the cost savings to the government, earlier alerts which enable earlier responses, and an unbiased appraisal of collected intelligence. Such a system relies on electronic data, so massive word-of-mouth campaigns are possible, but highly unlikely as any group large enough to be significant is also more likely to include people who will leak the information, purposely or accidentally. The CIA’s accomplishment comes with the secrecy inherent in the CIA, so success rates will be hard to publicly assess. There was no mention of whether the FBI is using something similar to detect trends within the US.

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