Electric cars have an intended consequence: lowered health care costs. The effect looks to be a secondary or tertiary effect, but it is actually a primary effect – but the sought-for benefit may be long-forgotten for many. Electric cars are trendy and trending. they’re convenient within the right infrastructure. And, they help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. One of their original inspirations, however, was to reduce the unhealthy effects of pollution. A few decades ago, air pollution was visibly terrible, and a source of various ailments. It is estimated that the average tankful of gas costs $18.42 in health care costs for an annual total of about $37B in the US. Now that electric cars are economic and practical, we may be able to reduce about 40% of the;

“economic costs of 220,000 days of missed work, 109,000 asthma-related attacks, and 2,580 premature deaths per annum.” – Wired

One of the greatest reductions in health care costs may have nothing to do with the health care system or government programs, and has much more to do with people buying electric cars for unrelated reasons.

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