Ocean rise and beach erosion are forcing the relocation of villages in Alaska, Washington, and Louisiana. Whatever the cause, action is required. The most notable village is Shishmaref on Sarichef Island in Alaska. They’ve lost about a half a mile of land in 35 years. The cost to relocate the 600 people is approximately $180,000,000. As coastal environments are threatened, the country is already experiencing significant costs. Undoubtedly, other less prominent evacuations are underway, some self-funded as people realize they must move, lose their homes and lifestyles, and begin again.

“Since 2014, more than 140 tribes and tribal organizations have gotten government funding to help address the impacts of global warming” – Climate Central

Debates are already too late for too many people, and the relocations have only just begun.

(Click on the photo for the link.)


9 Islands Threatened By Climate Change” – Mother Nature Network

Additional details at Climate Central.

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