An experimental US Cold War nuclear launch site was built in Greenland in 1959. It was abandoned after the US decided against building an operational site there (which included plans for a 2,500 mile long tunnel system). Almost everything was removed, but waste, some of which is probably radioactive, was left behind. What better place to store toxic waste than under a massive ice sheet at the north end of Greenland? Similar logic was used for a radioactive dump in the South Pacific. Now, Greenland is melting is the site is expected to be exposed. The oceans are rising (partly because of Greenland melting) and the site in the South Pacific is expected to be breached as well. Our concept of forever is obviously flawed and the consequences are an additional cost we’ll have to pay.

“They also estimate the site has 240,000 liters (63,000 gallons) of waste water, including sewage, along with an unknown volume of low-level radioactive coolant from the nuclear generator.” – American Geophysical Union

(Click on the photo for the link.)

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