Brexit is significant enough that it deserved more than just a few sentences. Here’s a longer discourse from my blog dedicated to personal finance.

Trimbathcreative's Blog (Tom Trimbath)

Photo on 2016-06-24 at 17.27I raise a gin and tonic to the Brexit. I raise it because the Brexit was an accomplishment, or at least historic. The gin seems British, though in my case it is really just vodka infused with juniper. The idea of a tonic seems to be what a lot of people could use right now, though in my case it is just sparkling water that was on sale. The glass is a mason jar, because fancy bar ware is saved for more formal occasions. The United Kingdom decided to untie itself from the European Union by a vote of 52% to 48%. The election startled many people because of the immediate implications for economies and border control; but I suspect there is a deeper, more unsettling realization that dissatisfaction is greater than people realized, and that if it happened in England it could happen anywhere. Plans are important, but oneā€¦

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