If you thought quantum physics was too strange to be true, you might be correct. Quantum mechanics works, mostly. It is a theory proven well enough to be the basis of the computer you’re using to read this post. It has not, however, been perfect or complete. After Einstein improved upon Newton, quantum mechanics was introduced to explain the physics of the very small (like the circuitry in your computer) which paradoxically explained the very large (stars, galaxies, the universe). When quantum mechanics was introduced there were other hypotheses that fell from favor without being disproved. One of those hypotheses, the Bohmian Intepretation (as opposed to the common Copenhagen Interpretation) may have found some experimental proof. If true, many quantum paradoxes are resolved: wave-particle duality and the Heisenberg Uncertainty, but introduce other concepts that are difficult to grasp: a universal interconnection that some will find appealing because it sounds spiritual even as it has a different meaning. A resolution of quantum physics is not just a scientist’s intellectual puzzle. Just as with the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics enabling computers and nuclear power, a new interpretation will probably enable advances we can’t imagine.

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