The future is showing up more frequently. Robots are beginning to replace security guards. While there will be may references to Robocop, the first robotic enforcement force is being deployed as security guards in malls. At only $7/hour, they work for far less than minimum wage, don’t need to take breaks, and can deploy a range of sensors what will detect events human security guards may miss. They may lack compassion, empathy, and any means to enforce rules and regulations; but they will be appealing to facility operators. They are less likely to be discriminatory, make inappropriate advances, or accept bribes. They are also another step in the loss of jobs for humans. Expansions of their abilities are inevitable: driverless patrol cars in cities and neighborhoods, warehouse guards, enforcement of “No Trespassing” zones, prison guards, hall monitors, etc. They aren’t science fiction, anymore. But, did they have to make the first one look like a sleek Dalek? Beware if they ever call out; “Exterminate!” (Check with your friends who are Doctor Who fans for an explanation.)

(Click on the photo for the link.)


Robocop Is Real” – The Guardian

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