For people with great jobs, great! Doesn’t everyone enjoy going to work? If not, it’s just an attitude problem.

For people without great jobs, condolences. Work is work because no one would do it if it wasn’t for the pay, which isn’t always that great.

Your job and work environment, and maybe your attitude, can affect your perspective. One source of great unrest can be the simple fact that the minority think their job is good (43% in North America, 35% in Europe, 25% in Asia) and far fewer think their job is great (11% in North America, 4% in Europe, 2% in Asia). Even in rich countries, the majority probably don’t resonate with calls to work harder for any other reason than increased pay or benefits. Whatever the ideal proportions are, if the majority are dissatisfied, there’s a reason to improve the situation.

(Click on the infographic for the link.)

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 09.08.26

Global Great Jobs Report” – Gallup

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