By luck and chance, one of the major dangers from hacking was averted. One hacker managed to access the sluice gates of a dam in New York. Opening or closing the gates at the wrong time could flood downstream communities or damage the dam by causing it to overflow. The lucky part was that the hack happened at the same time that the gates were taken offline for maintenance. One of the worries about cyber-attacks is that they will target infrastructure, not just information. Stuxnet proved the ability to damage processing equipment within secure facilities. The takedown of the Ukrainian power grid proved the ability to affect thousands of people. Ransomware is attacking hospitals. In general, infrastructure is poorly funded; and therefore, computer security for infrastructure is understandably prone to vulnerabilities. Analysts assume it is just a matter of time before these already large attacks are superseded by a major attack.

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What Is Google Dorking?” – Slate

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