The universe is weirder than we can imagine. While that statement may simply explain the way many of us feel every day, quantum mechanics has also suggested it at a fundamental level. Now, another particularly weird aspect of the weirdness has been proven. Dedicated geeks are probably already aware of Bell’s Theorem. Bell’s Theorem suggests that, even without violating Einstein’s Relativities (General and Special), fundamental particles can communicate instantaneously across unlimited distances. No speed of light speed limit. As if Relativity wasn’t weird enough, and as if quantum mechanics (and its reliance on probabilities) wasn’t weird enough, Bell’s Theorem suggests there’s something more fundamental than space and time. Space and time may be consequences of reality. Just like realizing that things are made of molecules; which we then learned were made of atoms; which we then learned were made of protons, neutrons, and electrons; which we then learned were accompanied by bosons, leptons, etc.; which we then learned were made of three kinds of quarks; which we are now hypothesizing are made of strings – space and time may be like those molecules, composed of something which we are only now beginning to recognize the existence of. As even the researchers at Delft stated when they recently proved Bell’s Theorem;

The universe is conclusively weird.” – Delft University

(Click on the screenshot for the link.)

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