Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, only has about 5 months of water left. The reservoirs are down about 98%. The rains haven’t been replenishing the rivers or aquifers. This is remarkable because Brazil is identified by its rain forests. Unfortunately, it looks like the deforestation of Amazon has affected the weather patterns. About 40% of the forest has been cut down. If deforestation is the main cause, then there is little hope of a climatic correction that makes water available. Water refugees are already leaving the city for places with better supplies. Climate change can cause migrations; but that is usually demonstrated by what will happen in poor, coastal regions like Bangladesh. Sao Paulo is the 11th largest city in the world. For perspective, New York City is only the 21st largest city. A city larger than NYC with only five months of water. Not just a poor, coastal sea level rise problem.

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