Tiny home advocates are already aware of the two main trends in the tiny home community: people buying or building their own tiny homes as an alternative to conventional housing, and people finally getting a home after being homeless. Advocates for the homeless are finding that tiny homes are a significant improvement over tent cities and shelters. People who are homeless frequently wouldn’t use shelters for a variety of real reasons, and neighborhoods rarely invited tent cities. Tiny home provide an improvement in privacy and security while looking better; especially, when the occupants begin decorating and improving their houses – something they weren’t able to do otherwise. The few thousand dollars it takes to build one is more than most homeless can afford. The land usually costs much more, though usually the solution is to rent a space. The costs however, can be reasonable for charitable organizations, particularly ones that have land or space available to house the units. One hundred square feet may not sound like much, but a good roof and solid walls, windows, and doors can feel luxurious after living in a tent or under a bridge.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“Tiny Homes For The Homeless” – The Atlantic

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