Income inequality continues to grow in America. Yet, many people who are in the stagnant income demographic feel they are in the ‘haves’ not the ‘have nots’; as if their income growth is merely delayed rather that systemically stalled.

“If wages of the middle-class were keeping pace with those at the top, they’d be making $156,318. Instead, they make about half that, just about $76,000.” – Salon

At the same time, many who are in the high growth, upper income demographic don’t see the inequality because it is outside their experience. The gap, however, is apparent to those dealing in consumer retail, economics, and governmental policy. The poorer a person is, the greater percentage they pay to necessities and taxes; leaving them less to spend on goods and services that benefit the community and the economy. The debate is broadening, but any legislative resolution is years away. The more likely short term correction would be organic wage growth or an economic retraction affecting assets instead of wages.

(Click on the photo for the link. Includes several videos.)

“America Is For The Rich” – Salon

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