As money is considered speech, the concentration of money is concentrating power. The US is still a country of one-person-one-vote, yet access to policy makers and the political process is concentrating with people who have the resources to take the best advantage of it. A person who can create a PAC or hire a lobbyist has more influence than a person working three jobs who has no spare time or spare money. The situation is not improving.

In 1946,(link is external) a child born into poverty had about a 50 percent chance of scaling theĀ income ladder into the middle class. In 1980, the chances were 40 percent. A child born today has about a 33 percent chance.” – Psychology Today

Income inequality, wealth inequality, entrenched poverty, and persistent debt are increasing without a consensus that the problem exists or that solutions are necessary. Historically, such trends result in a lack of cohesion within the community, and fundamentally, the government.

Why Income Inequality Threatens Democracy” – Psychology Today

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