Euphemisms aside, record heat is killing people.

In June, Pakistan experienced a heat wave so severe that more than 1,229 people died. A month earlier, temperatures in parts of India climbed up to 113 °F, killing at least 2,500 people. – Scientific American

Climate change doesn’t seem like much to many because the average temperature increases are measured in tens of a degree, a change so slight that few would feel it. The average is an issue for long term effects, but the short term affects are greater swings in temperature as old patterns are upset. Heat records are being set around the world, and the effects aren’t just an increase in air conditioning. Particularly, the people most likely to be affected don’t have air conditioning, and frequently are in places with little water. The human body can only take so much exposure. Thousands of people are dying from climate change already, and that was only in those two events.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“Killer Heat Grows Hotter Around The World” – Scientific American

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