It just makes sense. Save for your retirement. The easiest way for many is to buy into index funds. They are low cost, relatively low risk, and essentially simple. But. That money is actually invested in corporations, which is fine, but ti is managed by the fund managers. The funds’ votes count in corporate decisions, and the fund managers get to cast the votes. They frequently do so to maximize the benefit to the company, and to make as much as possible from the customers – who just happen to be the same people putting the money into the funds. The best value to the investors is probably being ignored because it is too complicated to optimize for all four: the funds, the investors, the corporations, and the fund managers. In the meantime, prices are higher than necessary, fewer people have money to invest, and the people who can invest may not be getting the best money practices.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“Index Funds May Be Conspiring Against The Very Same Investors Who Fund Them” – Quartz

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