Burial practices defined societies, and were taken as a mark of early civilizations. They were developed with great respect for spirituality, and honored with ceremony. Those practices made more sense when there was plenty of land for burials and plenty of wood for cremation. From what we know now, many are deciding they’d rather be buried without preservatives and without eternal coffins; and would prefer to not be the reason to burn lots of fuel just to turn a body into ash. From the earth we came and to the earth we can return. Such a simple idea as burying a body and letting nature naturally recycle it now has to shift religious and bureaucratic inertia that has been in charge for thousands of years. It is happening, but slowly. A kickstarter campaign has made some of the most significant progress. Operations may begin in 2022.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“From Compost You Came And To Compost You Shall Return” – Slate

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